A Chinese café invents a high-tech mug that emits sonic waves. Create a perception of sweet taste i


  8 กรกฎาคม 2021
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It is undeniable that theslot xodrinks we are eating today contain a lot of sugar. Of course, it is the cause of obesity and many others. But when you look carefully And then there is more harm than benefit, so that's why cafes in China came up with the idea to invent high-tech glassware It's called " Sonic Sweetener Cup ". It can pick up sonic waves. When eaten, it gives a sweet taste even if the drink is less sweet.

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The idea was born from a collaboration between Dentsu and Xin Cafe, which aims to keep customers away from obesity and diabetes caused by sugar. It was discovered that when emitting music with a special wave effect, the diners felt a sweet taste. Experiments from the sample found that 63% actually felt sweeter. According to research by Oxford University scientists, when listening to music with different tones of music, different perceptions of food taste.

Having said that, this is another time when technology and innovation has helped us stay away from various diseases. It is also useful in many ways. As for new ideas, what are you waiting for, stay tuned and we'll report back!