Delta coronavirus outbreak in UK, Israel, Australia


  22 สิงหาคม 2021
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First COVID-19 strain "Delta" discovered in India and has spread in 92 countries, it is seen as the main strain of the coronavirusเกมสล็อตspreading around the world. A British trial report indicates that the delta species has been spread. more severe than the Alpha species or up to 60% of the species first discovered in England

The Guardian reports that countries that have previously been close to controlling COVID-19 is facing an outbreak of delta species. which in addition to causing "close work" to control the covids is not successful It also affects the inability to carry out normal economic activities.

Israel Where people are vaccinated against COVID-19, about 57% of the dose has been completed and a previous victory against COVID has been declared. Most recently, in mid-June, the daily rate of infection increased. The majority of people are infected with the Delta strain, approximately 50% of all infections. Complete vaccination according to the number of causing officers to return to enforce masks in the shade after previously canceled

meanwhile The "United Kingdom" (UK) is another country that has been able to control COVID-19 to one level with strict lockdown measures and rapid vaccinations. Delta species Since the beginning of June, which has forced the authorities to postpone the lifting of all epidemic prevention measures by four weeks.

The UK reports 18,270 cases in a single day. The most in almost 5 months, with 99% of the delta species. And found that about 100,000 people infected within a week. Increased from the previous week by 50% and may lead to plans to cancel the lockdown measures. The postponed will be postponed further.

The European Union (EU), which previously had strict lockdown measures. and has a fast vaccination rate To prepare to open the country, however, "Angela Merkel" Chancellor of Germany. It warned that the Delta species was close to spreading. And it is estimated that in August 90% of cases will be delta strains.

Officials warned to speed up vaccination to complete the dose. Because there are still reports of infected people who have been vaccinated with 1 dose, which if found to increase the outbreak May affect the EU's plan to open the country in July to receive summer tourism. which is very necessary for the economy of the European Union.