How to Work from Home without causing harm to bones and joints


  14 มิถุนายน 2021
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In a time when Thailand is facing the current Covid-19 epidemic. Many people have to adjust their work schedule. to cope with the epidemic situation and need to work from home Also known as Work from Home, there are some factors that may cause discomfort when changing from work to home. Or the disease of bone and joint disease can occur.

Therefore, this article would like to bring advice from Dr. Saran Korwutthikulrangsee. Orthopedic doctor spine Let's take a look at the discomfort and ailments in the bones and joints caused by Work from Home. And how can we prevent it?

Symptoms of Work from Home

back pain easier Because the home environment is not the same as the workplace. Some people do not have a desk or chair that is suitable for work, such as sitting at a dining table. which the chair cannot be adjusted and the seat may be hard. The backrest is not suitable for sitting for long periods of time. Cause back pain more easily than sitting in a chair at work. Some people are in the room or condominium not much space was sitting on the floor working which is an unhygienic posture The more pain in the back, the more the spinal discs and joints have to be burdened more than usual. As a result, herniated discs deteriorate faster.
Neck and shoulder aches and pains from using a computer for a long time Many people normally work and rarely use computers for work, but when working from home, they need to have more frequent teleconferences. Some days there are many rounds. Or some people who originally worked as a desktop computer. When I come to work at home, I have to use a notebook to work instead. Have to bend the neck more for a long time. Can cause muscle stiffness, neck pain, shoulder pain
Wrist pain, tendonitis, locked finger from computer use or mobile phone for a long time
did not exercise because you don't have to leave the house don't have to travel causing the body to move less Muscles are not strength-trained. Resulting in aches and pains more easily.
stay at home No sunlight, no sunlight, the body receives less vitamin D from sunlight. This results in decreased muscle function and decreased calcium accumulation in the body.
drink tea and coffee more often Some people don't drink anymore, it shouldn't be a problem. But people who drink coffee When working alone, when stressed, drink more tea and coffee. Excessive caffeine has a negative effect on the body. Both insomnia, heart palpitations, too much stimulation. If you add creamy sugar Be careful of too much sugar and fat. Caffeine can
168also cause the loss of calcium from the body. causing the strength of the bones to decrease
increased stress both from working for a long time or someone alone at home When I didn't go to work, I met my colleagues. plus concerns about the epidemic situation It can cause stress to accumulate. This stress can cause insomnia, headaches, muscle spasms and body aches.
Weight gain. Of course, we work at home. Refrigerator and candy shelf It is only within reach. It also puts a temptation while we work all the time. We tend to accidentally pick it up to eat and play while working. Realized that again, the bag was already empty. And this period is the golden age of ordering food to eat at home. don't want to go out Call to order and sit and chill. Work for a while. Food will be delivered. It's been like this for a long time The weight must have increased for sure. This affects other parts of the body as a whole, such as blood pressure, sugar levels, lipid levels, and bones and joints must carry more weight. Back pain, knee pain, etc.