Mechanism of cannabis psychosis


  16 กรกฎาคม 2021
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Psychotic symptoms

slot xo caused by cannabis use are well known. and until it is the topic of the national conference of American brain scientists with the Drug Enforcement Agency and the FDA in 2016 organized by the New York Academy of Science

and after Data and evidence have been compiled, including evidence linking the mechanisms to the occurrence of psychotic symptoms. which consists of that person will have a fragile condition that is, it is determined from the genetic code. It can also be explained by the effect of the purpose of using it for high doses of sole fun.

In the part of the genetic code Take advantage of the collection of the genetic code of 100,000 people over the past 10 years and to study the genetic code. There will be details of each person. way of life History of illness, diet, drug use, including smoking, drinking, drug use, and cannabis use

These data combine to form… “big data” in linking genetic health indicators to brain studies. in the matter of duties variable position with various scientific processes including special brain computer images, etc.

Psychotic symptoms resolve on their own without treatment, and marijuana use is prohibited, even if medically containing THC, unless a CBD dominant is used, i.e. a CBD:THC ratio greater than 20:1. In conditions such as certain brain diseases that are resistant to current drugs and using CBD dominant, symptoms are not well controlled. For example, drug-resistant epilepsy may gradually be converted to CBD rich, i.e., the ratio is 10:1.

The term CBD is not a single CBD, but CBD and its derivatives. Therefore, it can be effective without using high amounts of CBD according to foreign textbooks in the past, which have now been modified.