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  3 กันยายน 2021
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A 5-reel slot is a spin to get the symbol on the picture that the slot game has set the rules for the prize money. It will depend on the translation of 3 things, namely the definition of lines (lines), the number of credits and symbols, prize money, and symbols. Awards will be different. You can choose the number of lines (lines) from 1-20 lines, calculating the prize money. of slot games will be thought from left to right used in calculations

The 3-reel slot is mostly a traditional arcade game slot that is found in various casinos. The prize draw of this slot machine is The prize will be issued horizontally only. And there is only one line pay, that is, the symbols of the slot game must match in all 3 slots in order to receive a prize. This 3-reel slot game can be said to be the original of the slot game itself.

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