The innovative BioVYZR protects you from pollution and bacteria/viruses.


  25 มิถุนายน 2021
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BioVYZR, the latest xo innovation from VYZR company in Toronto, Canada, invented to cover the upper half of the body. Call it 360 degree protection to prevent pollution. and bacteria/viruses from the external environment as well Inside the set, there are 6 pieces of N95/N99 air filters together to purify the air at the same time, giving you always fresh air. With a fan that works for 8-12 hours, the noise is only 10 decibels, with a clear plastic front. See a wide angle (Wide Angle View) for good visibility. It has anti-fog properties from breath. or unequal temperatures

The BioVYZR cover can be worn by both children and adults. Compact, lightweight, easy to carry, comes with straps that you can adjust to fit your body. according to each person's body In addition, the cover is designed to protect against various environments. very well tight, seamless So you can wear it through the rain comfortably. The production material is a special grade plastic that is lightweight, non-toxic, does not irritate the body. Suitable for use in all situations