Thin nails, frequent broken nails, what should I eat?!


  8 สิงหาคม 2021
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Many people may not know that Fingernails we need nutrients like other organs in the body. having thin nails or frequent broken nails xo168Indicates that you are malnourished. Now let's take a closer look. That which nutrients help nourish nails. If anyone has thin nails that are easily broken, try turning to eat these nutrients. Ensure that your nails are healthy. Definitely stronger than before

Vitamin B2
from natural sources It is present in legumes, milk, eggs, green leafy vegetables, brown rice, and brown rice to help your nails shine and look healthy.

It is responsible for maintaining healthy bones and nails. It gives you a smooth nail surface when you get enough iron. Iron-rich foods are found in meat, liver, offal, oysters, egg yolks, green leafy vegetables, spinach, etc.
It is a type of protein that has a fibrous structure. which is important for strengthening the nails To help reduce the broken, tearing of the nails should consume high-protein foods such as milk, eggs, and various meats. and legumes or a protein supplement to help increase keratin in the body

Another mineral that is important for good nail health is zinc minerals It can be found in every cell of the body. But the body needs a little is enough to maintain healthy nails. Common food sources of zinc are oysters, various meats, whole grains, spices, and nuts.