Toyota unveils smart key box for drivers to unlock doors or


  24 มิถุนายน 2021
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It must be said that SLOT XO technology has allowed devices to be developed and enhanced to maximize their benefits. as well as convenience Recently, Toyota, a well-known Japanese automaker, is developing a trial of a smart key box called the "Smart Key Box" that will allow car users to unlock the door and start the car via a smartphone. And it's more secure. virtual identity verification Including also applying this solution to the car rental business

Toyota said the box would help car rental businesses to better identify their customers. Because there will be an identification code that must be obtained from the owner of the box and given to the user. which does not require tuning Just put the box on the dashboard or anywhere, then bring your smartphone to download the app. Then enter the code of the box with a Bluetooth connection to save energy (Low Energy). Toyota calls this whole process Hand shaking.

because if you think well Currently just registering I can take a car to drive, but who knows whether on the way or during the rental. who has driven The lessor is unaware of it, which means that there is a risk of the car being stolen and subsequently causing a problem and the user claiming that it is not aware of it, so this may be a solution that can be taken. problem solved

In addition, Toyota also stated that in the future, there will be many additional services in the form of Big Data, which will combine related services. To provide product users with complete convenience

The system, the Smart Key Box, is still in field trials with Getaround and next year in January will begin trials with a car rental provider in San Francisco.