When the "cloud" backup technology destroys the environment


  10 มิถุนายน 2021
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Today'sสล็อตworld has changed a lot. Many things have gone from analog to digital. Technology is improving every day and getting smarter. Of course, it's good for humans. To be able to use this more comfortably from the intelligence of technology.
In addition, today's world has a huge amount of information. Each important information needs to be stored and used. But keeping it on your own or on a device that isn't very powerful runs the risk of data loss. It has developed a technology called “cloud” to be used for backing up data so that it does not disappear no matter what happens with our devices. All information is still there. and can run As long as you have internet access and remember your password.
Cloud backup technology
also known as Cloud computing has been around since the early 1960s, but was developed commercially in the late 1990s. The function of the cloud is to collect, analyze, and store data in data centers. that can be shared all over the world
2018 figures estimate that 3.6 billion people are accessing multiple cloud computing services. Well-known providers include Google Drive, Office365, Oracle, Netflix, and Dropbox, while the largest cloud computing providers are Amazon Web services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
Uploading data to back up on cloud computing It is very necessary to use However, talking about the Internet is rather abstract. Where we feel that we are invisible to the Internet. When it comes to books, DVDs, flash drives, we can see clearly and tangible images, so we may not even realize that data uploaded to the cloud can't float or weather. But it still needs real space on Earth to store data. Here this is related to the environment.
When we store data files on the cloud That means we're storing files online. Anyone who wants to back up or store their data can use the service from all service providers There are both free but have limited space (Which is a lot) or if it's a large company or organization that has a lot of data. Additional charges may apply to obtain more storage space.
Using cloud storage
When we upload something to the cloud through a service provider. The file is sent over the Internet to the server. This is a computer system that has a very high processing capability. A server is, of course, something physical and tangible. Cloud service providers have tens of thousands of servers to store their data. until it may be called “Server farms” because they house many high-performance computers like a farm. It is a globally compatible data center.
This technology is called the cloud. But cloud computing is not a cloud in the atmosphere. And the information is not in the air either. Still requires a gigantic memory space to store. Although the cloud is not something that can be seen. But we are still happy to use it as our backup. When we feel that our phone has too many pictures. The computer you are using has too many files. Using the cloud as a helper is becoming more and more popular. In an era where everything is becoming digital
Cloud Computing and the Environmental Impact
An online storage server is a data center that will look like a large territory filled with high-performance computers. to support the data that the service user will upload The data that we upload to the cloud is not just ours. and some users are large corporations There is a lot of data, so a “server farm” also needs to be a huge data store. When the data limit is exceeded need to expand more farms