Wondering which "moment" we work best?


  18 มิถุนายน 2021
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When do we work best? Some people may say that in the morning Some people say afternoon Some people say it's late at night that they can think of work smoothly. Different answers are not wrong. Because everyone has different hours of work and sleep. It can be divided into four types of animals: bears, wolves, lions, and dolphins. Everyone is probably wondering what it is, right? Let's get to know each other together.

Why these 4 animals?
The four animals are theories สล็อตออนไลน์of sleep psychologist Michael Breus (Dr.Michael Breus), also known as The Sleep Doctor or Doctor of Sleep. Named the power of "when" (The Power of When) that answers questions that many people wonder, such as Have you ever wondered that Why do some people get sleepy? Why do some people wake up easily? Some will work fine at night.

Such doubts arise from the nature of each human being that works differently, known as the Biological Clock or Biological Clock.

Biological clock is the functioning of chemicals in the body. Hormones that cause alertness, sleepiness, and hunger will vary from person to person. can be divided into 4 types of animals

Fall asleep easily, have a lot of power to sleep. Live and time according to the sun

About 50–55 percent of the world's population is a bear biological clock. If you're the type who wakes up and needs to slap Snooze or the alarm clock a couple of times, then wake up. You will be a bear type. The bear lives according to the sun, waking up in the morning, sleeping late at night, eating breakfast, lunch, and noon normally, having a lot of sleep power. I went to bed and soon fell asleep. Woke up and was a little sleepy. The brain is fully functioning, helping late to afternoon. Bear type people are very friendly, like to be social, open, always listen to other people's opinions.

Sleep late, wake up late, live the night. be creative

About 15 to 20 percent of the world's population are wolves. This group of people tend to go to bed very late. For example, during one o'clock in the morning, two will wake up very late as well. From the morning to late, the brain tends to be dull. Can't think of anything But late at night, thoughts will flow. work great Werewolves tend to work on being creative, looking, daring to try new things. But wolves tend to be violent, irritable, and pessimistic.

Sleep early, wake up early, stay healthy, look at the world in an optimistic way.

Like wolves, about 15-20 percent of the population are lions. If you want to see a simple picture of the lion people, think of a trader who has to get up early in the morning to buy raw materials at the market. Finished work at two o'clock, then went to sleep. that's a lion The lion wakes up early, goes to bed early, wakes up before the alarm clock. Wake up bright and ready to get up and go to work. Lions are active and active in the morning. The lion is often the owner of a business or venture. Lions are healthy, well-maintained people, often don't have much fun or want to spend the night at parties.

half asleep half awake sleep problems, intelligent, perfectionist

Dolphins are a special type with only about 10% of people belonging to it. Michael says that most people with this type are sleep-deprived. because in the nature of the dolphin do you know that When dolphins sleep, their brain is only half asleep. But the other half is still working due to the need to be careful of the dangers around. People who are dolphins do not sleep well. Something woke up Waking up is like a person who is always sleepy With little sleep, easy to worry, the power to work at any time is unpredictable. But dolphins are intelligent, prudent and pay attention to details.